CLAT Test Series


CLAT refers to the Common Law Admissions Test. It is an all India entrance examination administered by the National Law Schools/Universities for admissions to their under-graduate and postgraduate degree programmes (LL.B & LL.M). The authority of organizing the exam is switched and given on the ground of eldership; in establishment. Public sector undertakings in India such as ONGC, Coal India, BHEL, Steel Authority of India, Oil India etc. Utilize the marks scored by candidates of CLAT Post Graduate Exam to enroll deserving candidates for legitimate posts in the companies. This Exam taken only after passing theHigher Secondary Examination (i.e 12th).


List of Universities under NLU

Table given below contains a list of universities according to their year of formulation. Do look into the table:



Name of the University



National Law School of India University



NALSAR University of Law



National Law Institute University



The West Bengal National University



National Law University



Hidayatullah National Law University



Gujarat National Law University



Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University



National University of Advanced Legal Studies



Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law



Chanakya National Law University



National Law University Odisha



Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University



National University of Study and Research



National Law School and Judicial Academy



Tamil Nadu National Law University



Maharashtra National Law University



Maharashtra National Law University



Maharashtra National Law University



Himachal Pradesh National Law University



Dharmashastra National Law University



Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University



CLAT Test Series


The CLAT test series is a perfect and efficient way of getting ready for the CLAT  exam 2024 and for  obtaining good marks.. The test series are designed by renowned teachers according to the latest syllabus and  exam pattern. All the parts are covered in these test series. Students preparing for the CLAT Exam are advised to do these test series for better preparation and to score good marks.

These test series copy the style and setting of the real exam and assist you in getting ready for the exam in a better way. Repeated revision of CLAT test series accords  you to arrange the best way to undertake the exam. It also increases your speed and efficiency while solving the problems.   Thus,undertake as many test series as you can to score good marks and to get yourself enrolled in a better university.  Start getting ready with the assistance of ClearExam for your CLAT Exam 2024.

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CLAT Mock Test 2024 | Exam Overview


The date for the Clat 2024 has not been disclosed yet but it probably will be conducted in the month of May, 2024. CLAT 2024 Exam will be administered by the Consortium of National Law Universities headed by NLSIU. The CLAT exam, organised every year for the candidates interested in LAW acknowledged by 53 private universities and 22 National Law Universities of India for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. It is very difficult to clear the exam in one go and to get yourself enrolled in a good university. So, it's better for you to start your preparation from the best sources .

CLAT online test series help you evaluate your readiness for exam at perfect time intervals, thus providing you an opportunity to enhance your preparation. You can also use the elaborated description given after every test to understand the concepts better. Revise everyday to score better than your competitors..


Watch this video to get insight on why Mock Tests are important for your CLAT Preparation & What's the Best Way to Attempt it



CLAT Mock Test Series 2024 (Key Features)


  • You can undertake these test series any time you want from your phone or PC.
  • The ClearExam test series are prepared according to the latest syllabus and exam design.
  • Each test series has detailed answers attached to them which allow the candidate attempting these series to clear his/her doubts..
  • The CLAT mock test is based on the real design of the exam and it allows the candidate to learn proper time management and other skills needed for the real exam .
  • You can navigate through different parts and questions while undertaking the test. You can also check how many questions you have attempted.


Buy ClearExam CLAT Test Series: Give your CLAT Preparation an Edge


A preparation is said to be proper when it includes studying the whole syllabus and extreme revision and practice. Test Series like ClearExam  give you necessary revision & practice for the CLAT Exam  and boosts your skills so that you can score good marks in the exam. Students are advised to purchase the test series  to accomplish your exam preparation and to increase your success rate.

The CLAT Law Entrance Mock Test Series also assists you in  gaining first-hand experience of how to deal with complex problems having higher difficulty levels. These test series are formed after analyzing the latest syllabus and exam design along with previous year question papers.


Free CLAT Online Mock Test Series


You can start preparing for the CLAT Exam by undertaking the  free CLAT online mock test and decide its usefulness for exam preparation. The CLAT online test series provided by different renowned institutes such as ClearExam are designed according to your preparation requirements and they also assist you in self evaluating yourself. They can help you improve your strengths and tell you about your weaknesses. After undertaking the free Mock Test Series, evaluate the test series. If they match your requirements, purchase the unlocked Test Series and try attempting them. Attempt them more often to score good. You can also try attempting previous year question papers for better preparation.

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CLAT Exam Pattern 2024


In the CLAT 2024, 1 mark is allotted for every right answer and 0.25 mark is reduced for every incorrect answer. The time duration is 120 minutes for the CLAT Exam. In the table given below are some other details about the exam design.


Different Parts of Exam

Total No. of Questions per Part

English containing comprehension

28 to 32

General Knowledge containing Current  Affairs

35 to 39

Logical Reasoning

35 to 39

Legal Reasoning

28 to 32

Quantitative Techniques(Fundamental Mathematics upto 10th Standard)

13 to 17

Total No. of Questions



Benefits of Enrolling for ClearExam's CLAT Mock Test Series


CLAT Test Series are a model test of the actual exam that follows the same exam pattern and the time limit. These tests provide the candidate with the understanding about the kind and design of the questions that are going to be asked in the real exam. Online Mock tests play a very important role in assisting an aspirant in passing the CLAT Exam.

Candidates can prepare efficiently for competitive exams through mock tests as they help in improving abilities and confidence.While preparing for the exam, you should choose a good series of mock tests. CLAT  Mock Test Series are equipped  with elaborated  analysis and answers. Rehearsing these mock tests will aid you in enhancing your problem-solving skills and time management skills. It is essential to use the CLAT mock tests as it assists you in enhancing your preparation. It also helps you in getting ready for the Clat Exam in a superior way.

Some advantages of using these test series are given below:


  • Repeated revision of answering the  CLAT mock test series  makes sure that you revise the whole syllabus numerous times, hence ensuring good  One of the effective ways to score good marks in the CLAT Exam is to revise the entire syllabus regularly and try to solve as many sampe papers as you can..

  • After attempting various CLAT mock test, you are all set up to answer the problems within the given time limit. These test series allow you to find the most outstanding technique to solve these problems.

  • The CLAT mock tests make you familiar with the types of questions asked in the real exam. You also understand how to answer complex questions with expertise.Your answers become more and more authentic as you keep solving the test series.

  • Only cramming can not help you in scoring good marks in the CLAT Exam. Good result depends on better understanding of concepts and better reasoning.You must know how to solve problems. Test series are designed in such a way that they contain questions from the entire syllabus and previous year question papers.

  • One can analyse easily the problems he/she is facing during the series and which section needs more attention.

  • These mock test series are designed in such a way that they help the candidate analyse his/her ability to comprehend  each subject while getting ready  for the exam.

  • Candidates can also look for cost free test series.

  • Mock tests for particular sections are also available.

  • Rehearsing these mock series can assist you in evaluating the problems properly.

  • Practicing as many papers as possible helps the candidates’ in lessening their  fear and anxiety.

  • Get ready for CLAT and other non-CLAT exams with our practice tests containing more than 10,000 questions according to the latest exam design and syllabus.

  • Get an inclusive and relatively section-wise evaluation and elaborated description of the tests you undertake. Also, get a question-wise breakdown analysis for determining your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Your test score is matched with the scores of other students who have taken the test previously. This allows you to know where you stand in the race of competitive exams like CLAT.

  • Devise a proper plan and improve your time management skills.

  • You can also join ClearExam experts and your fellow LAW students on the Whatsapp Group to resolve your doubts.

CLAT Syllabus 2024

CLAT LLB Syllabus 2024

The CLAT 2024 will aim at building the understanding  and reasoning abilities of a candidate. The CLAT Exam is basically prepared to test the ability and skills needed for a legal education instead of previous  knowledge that is utilised  to solve the current affairs questions. The CLAT UG Exam 2024 is a 2-hour test with 150 MCQs carrying 1 Mark each. For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks are deducted.


CLAT English Language Syllabus 2024


In this section, passages from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction writing are provided, each of 450 words. A higher secondary student is capable enough to read it in 5 to 7 minutes

Each passage will be pursued by a set of queries  that would want a candidate  appearing for CLAT Exam to display his/her understanding and vocabulary expertise, as well as  his competence to:


  • Recite and understand/grasp the significant points explained in the passage, along with other reasons and perspectives debated or presented in the passage.
  • Paint the assumptions and closure on the basis of the passage.
  • Analyse the passage.
  • Analyze and contradict the various reasons and perspectives debated or presented in the passage.
  • Comprehend the significance of the words and expressions applied in the passage.

The  table given below provides an elaborated CLAT LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus for the English Language.


Comprehension Passages


Word Meanings

Incorrect/Correct Sentences





Fill in the Blanks

Idioms & Phrases

One-Word Substitution


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CLAT Current Affairs Syllabus 2024


In this section, passages imitated/derived from news, journalistic sources and other non-fiction writing are provided, each of 450 words.  The queries will contain exploration of legal data or intelligence  debated in or associated with the passage, but would not crave for any further information of the law apart from the passage.

Each passage will be pursued by a set of queries that would want a candidate appearing for CLAT Exam to display his/her alertness of different phases of current affairs and general knowledge, including:

  • Present Day actions of relevance from India and the world;
  • Arts and culture;
  • Universal affairs; and
  • Historical actions of ongoing relevance.

The  table given below provides an elaborated CLAT LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus for the Current Affairs.


Static GK





National & International Events


New Appointments




CLAT Legal Reasoning Syllabus 2024


In this part, passages associated with the facts or schemes including legal matters, public policy queries or ethical logical inquiries are provided, each of 450 words. This section does not want any preceding education about law. But a candidate  appearing for CLAT Exam can aid from a familiar alertness of present day legal and ethical affairs to employ correctly the  common assumptions or proposals to the provided fact schemes.

Each passage will be pursued by a set of queries  that would want a  candidate  appearing for CLAT Exam to:

  • Analyse and conclude the rules and assumptions presented in the passage;
  • Employ these rules and assumptions
  • Comprehend how adjustments to the rules or assumptions will change their utilisation in different fact conditions.

The  table given below provides an elaborated CLAT LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus for the Legal Reasoning


Study of law

Research aptitude

Problem-solving ability

Questions based on hypothetical situations

Important court decisions

Indian Constitution

Indian Penal Code

Law of Torts

Indian Contract Act

Legal Fundamentals & Terms


CLAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus 2024


This section will contain a set  of small passages, each  of about 300 words. Each passage will be pursued by one or more queries that would want  a candidate appearing for CLAT Exam  to:

  • Identify a claim, its grounds and verdicts;
  • Recite and determine  the claims outlined in the passage;
  • Carefully examine the method of reasoning, and evaluate how judgement may rely on specific grounds or evidence;
  • Conclude what is pursued from the passage and employ these assumptions to new conditions;
  • Paint the link and similarities, recognize conflict and alikeness, and evaluate the effect of claims.

The  table given below provides an elaborated CLAT LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus for the Logical Reasoning


Statements & Assumptions

Direction & Distance Test

Blood Relationships

Coding & Decoding



Number Test

Statement & Actions

Statement & Arguments



CLAT Quantitative Techniques Syllabus 2024


This section will include a small series  of facts or suggestions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial or diagrammatic portrayal of numerical information, pursued by a series of queries. A candidate has to deduce data from such passages, graphs, or other representations, and employ mathematical operations on such data.

The questions will require one to:

Deduce,conclude, and influence numerical data arranged in such passages, graphs, or other representations; and

Employ different 10th standard mathematical operations on such data, along with the data from  areas such as ratios and proportions, basic algebra, mensuration and statistical estimation.

The  table given below provides an elaborated CLAT LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus for the Quantitative Techniques.


Area & Volume

Profit & Loss

Percentage, Discounts, & Partnership

Time & Work

Permutation & Combination


Clocks & Calendar

Graphs & Charts

Number System


Logarithm & Functions

Ratio & proportion


CLAT Mock Test Series 2024


According to the latest bulletin, the CLAT Exam 2024 is expected to be conducted soon through online mode in the month of May. Candidates aspiring to give the CLAT 2024 must look for expert advice. For a better readiness, Test series are very important along with other sources like books and lectures.

Some of the benefits a candidate can acquire from mock test series are given below:

  • Candidates will be able to get hold of the complexity level of the CLAT 2024 exam.
  • Aspirants come to know about their weaknesses and strengths and can work on them accordingly.
  • Enhance your answering skills and learn proper time management..
  • Devise a good plan for attempting these test series so as to improve your time management skills and to complete the paper in limited time with minimal negative marking..
  • Get to know about the real exam pattern through the CLAT 2024 Online Tests.


Where to Get Free CLAT Test Series: CLAT 2024 Prep


CLAT test series are provided by various institutions such as ClearExam and other institutes. At ClearExam, you will get more than 200+ mock tests with elaborated explanations and answers. Revising these mock tests assist you in enhancing your problem-solving skills and time management skills. CLAT Mock Test series are a copy of real exams that are made up according to the latest syllabus and the same exam design as the real one.

These tests provide the candidates with a rough idea about the kind and design of the problems that are going to be asked in the real exam. Answering these free Mock tests for CLAT 2024 assists a candidate to enhance his speed, time management, and devise a better plan to answer the problems.

There are different characteristics present in the mock tests series are mentioned below:

  • Online Mock Tests are designed on the basis of latest CLAT Exam design and Syllabus.

  • These test series cover all the subject matters under the CLAT Exam

  • Designed by renowned faculty

  • Can undertake the series anywhere and at any time.

  • Provide a detailed progress report for the candidate to self evaluate himself/herself.

  • CLAT Mock Test Papers are equipped with Step by Step elaborated answers given for each and every problem.

  • Test series include both tests, According to the entire syllabus and According to various sections separately.

  • You can undertake the exam test series in both English and Hindi language.

  • Students have access to some of the tests that are and they can purchase the rest if they want to attempt them.

  • Taking the test again and again helps the aspirants to analyze how much they have learned.

  • These test series are designed in such a way that they evaluate the candidate on the basis of his skills.

  • Test series assist the candidates to learn about some easy methods and pointers to solve any problem in the exam.

  • These tests assist a candidate in improving his/her confidence and conquer his/her mistakes.

  • With the aid provided by the Mock tests, one can know about his weak area in the preparation and can work hard on it..

  • Practicing CLAT mock test series free 2021 helps in reducing candidates’ fear and anxiety around the exam process.

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Why Should You Enroll in a Coaching Institute for CLAT?


  • Joining a CLAT Coaching would be a wise move for you if you’re thinking about sitting for the CLAT Entrance Exam because you can’t self-study for a national-level competitive exam.
  • A competitive exam paper is set up differently than a school or graduation test paper. You need the help and guidance of experts who know the tips, tricks, and best way to approach & prepare for CLAT so that you can score well to qualify.
  • If you will enroll in a CLAT Coaching, it would benefit you greatly in terms of - regular lectures on every topic by the expert faculty. Study notes and books compiled by the faculties so you’d know how much to read instead of being piled up with books from everywhere without any idea about how much should be enough. Mock tests to keep track of your preparation & to help you improve your weak areas and so on there are many benefits of joining a CLAT Coaching.
You’re at a point in your life where you can’t really afford to waste your years, so you want to clear the exam in the first go, and in order to have that kind of surety you need to join the CLAT Coaching, because that increases your chances of qualifying for CLAT Entrance Exam by hundred percent because the coaching gives you a structured, planned way to crack the exam and help you become the person who can qualify the exam in the first go.

CLAT Coaching at ClearExam

ClearExam provides Online CLAT Coaching to the aspirants who are looking to score well and get admission to one of the top NLU's. Even though we’re situated in Delhi, but we cater to students all over India. So, no matter what part of the country you belong to, if you’re preparing for CLAT, we are here to help. 

We provide the students a structured and systematic way to prepare for it without any hassle. If you’re enrolled with us, then you don’t need to look anywhere else for any other resource that can aid you in your exam, we assure you that everything that you might require to crack your CLAT exam with flying colors, ClearExam will make it happen.

Our team of expert faculty has years of experience teaching CLAT students and having the best record of hundreds and thousands of selected students. They’re familiar with the syllabus and paper pattern, they also provide notes along with the E-Books which will be more than sufficient to score well. And they’re always more than willing to clear your doubts. Talking about expert faculties, we have a Supreme Court Lawyer with us on board and all our students have given the highest recommendations to him as "most favorite faculty".


Start your CLAT 2024 preparation with our Star Faculty Now:


Coming back to our discussion over the many benefits of enrolling with ClearExam CLAT Online Coaching Classes, One of the best perks is that after every class and even during the class, they give you time and resolve your doubts with utmost patience. In fact, they encourage the students to come up with questions and doubts so that the students can get conceptual clarity.

We want to give you your best chance at cracking that exam and for that ClearExam team makes continuous efforts to be better for the students. Our CLAT Online coaching is designed according to this philosophy only “How can the student get the maximum benefit from this Coaching?” Our complete curriculum was improvised and updated to make it more convenient for the students.

Our live lecture time schedule is flexible and is in accordance with the other schedules of our students. We also provide the recorded lectures and they’re updated on a daily basis so that you don’t feel out of the loop when you attend the next class. We also prepared all the new study material to adapt to our online students so now everything they need is available online and is easily accessible.

Moving forward, we also have our Our Telegram Group, which keeps you regularly updated with the latest news, updates, notifications, exam dates, and all sorts of important related information so that you don’t need to look on your own or worry about missing an important notification.

Coming to one of the most important aspects of our online coaching is our batch size. No matter how many students enroll with us, we never increase the batch size. Our batch size consists of a maximum of 30 students and it never goes up.

Because we don’t believe in profit from fraud where we fill students in large numbers and no student can benefit from that. So, we believe that all our students should get individual attention so we don’t take students in bulk. We keep a certain number of admissions every session so that multiple batches run simultaneously but we never increase the batch size. This is one of our USP’s which makes ClearExam one of the best CLAT Coachings in Delhi.

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Your career is important to us and that’s why our team, from management to faculty, all of us try our best to give the most beneficial experience to each student so that he/she may succeed in their goal and make us happy and proud. So, if you are passionate about your dream career and are willing to put in your most sincere effort to prepare for CLAT, then look no further because what can be better than one of the experts from the field to help you achieve your dream?

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Ques. Will I receive any CLAT correspondence course aside from the mock tests?

Ans - Yes, you can check all the courses we provide for CLAT students here - CLAT Courses at ClearExam


Ques. Which CLAT mock test series should be purchased for CLAT 2024?

Ans - We have compiled the best Mock test series for CLAT keeping in mind the new pattern & difficulty level with the help of legal experts. You can buy it from here - CLAT Mock Test Series 


Ques. Why should I give mock tests for CLAT 2024?

Ans - To check your preparation level and to help you analyze & work on your strong and weak areas. 


Ques. What does the CLAT mock test series include?

Ans - It contains topic tests, section-wise tests, and full-length tests.


Ques. Where can I get free mock tests for CLAT (online)?

Ans - You can get free mock tests online from various online portals nowadays.


Ques. What is the most outstanding website for the CLAT mock test?

Ans - You can find one of the best CLAT Mock Test Series here at ClearExam.


Ques. Can you recommend some good test series for CLAT?

Ans - You can go with ClearExam’s CLAT Test series. It is based on the latest exam pattern. Mock tests help boost your preparation. The more you practice, the better concept clarity you get.


Ques. How should I start with the Mock tests?

Ans - Start with a topic test. When you finish a topic, giving a topic test will help you analyze if you've got the conceptual clarity or if you need to practice more.


Ques. Where can I find the best offline CLAT mock test series?

Ans - Due to covid-19, offline coaching is under lockdown. So, I'd suggest you go with Online CLAT Mock Test Series.


Ques. How many full-length mock tests should I give?

Ans - You should give full-length mock tests weekly and daily when the exam is close by. Try to take the mock at the same time as that of your real exam. It'll help with the anxiety that students associate with the D- Day.


Ques. What is the procedure for taking a ClearExam mock test CLAT?

Ans - A login ID and password will be provided to you on your purchase from which you can log in on the test portal. In the dashboard, you can find all the tests.


Ques. How can one enhance his/her legal aptitude part?

Ans - By practicing the concepts more, and by giving more topic- tests, and section-wise tests. Also, read newspapers and comprehensive passages to increase your speed.


Ques. What will be the difficulty standards of the CLAT practice tests?

Ans - The practice tests are based on the new CLAT Exam pattern are developed based on the type of questions and difficulty level of the real exam.


Ques. What are the benefits of the online test series for the CLAT exam?

Ans - You get insights such as your strong areas and weak areas that you need to work on, you build more confidence as you score well in mock tests, you get more concept clarity, and a wide range of questions with different difficulty levels for practice.


No worries. We're here to help you at every stage of your CLAT preparation.
Visit our branch to know the complete details of the courses and enroll yourself to experience the new learning environment.

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ClearExam: Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi | Best CLAT Coaching Center | CLAT Online Coaching: Free CLAT Mock Test Series 2024 (New Pattern) Download | CLAT Test Series Online
Free CLAT Mock Test Series 2024 (New Pattern) Download | CLAT Test Series Online
Practice & Analyze your CLAT Preparation with CLAT Online Mock Test Series. Clear CLAT with CLAT Online Test Series based on the new CLAT exam pattern
ClearExam: Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi | Best CLAT Coaching Center | CLAT Online Coaching
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