Start Preparing For Law Entrance Exam 2023

When it comes to preparing for CLAT which is one of the toughest Exams for Law aspirants, only aspirants' hard work and dedication of their knowledge and self-study will not help them to crack the exam. Instead, they will need constant mentoring and guidance throughout their preparation journey, and for that, they’d need the help of the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT.

Even though self-study and hard work are important, the employment of effective strategies is necessary to improve preparation. This is where the role of the Best CLAT coaching Center comes into play in helping the students with their preparation by making use of a highly extensive and proven teaching method to help students pass their exams with flying colors.

To pass one of the most rigorous competitive tests and gain a position at a top NLU (National Law University), every CLAT applicant requires proper and structured assistance from one of the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT. If you're preparing for the CLAT, you'll almost probably need someone to mentor and support you. We can assist you with this because we are known for being the best CLAT coaching center.

Best CLAT coaching centers help students first have awareness of the syllabus and the preparation strategy that they should follow according to the student’s potential and also make them practice ample sample papers so they have a grip over the Exam pattern and the types of questions asked in the examination.

As the Best CLAT Coaching Institute, our goal is to assist each student in achieving their objectives by providing them with the guidance and support they require to succeed. We are constantly striving to improve our methods and teaching pedagogy in response to the needs and requirements of our students in order to provide them with the best possible learning experience that will aid them in achieving their objectives.

Best CLAT coaching Institutes help boost skills like strategizing, proper resource allocation, and time management in the aspirants.

Being one of the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT, We assist applicants in better planning and working to achieve their goals with the help of a legal expert team that provides them with the necessary training. We offer online and classroom preparation for national-level admission exams such as CLAT, AILET, LSAT, SET, BHU-UET, and other law entrance exams administered by the Indian government.

Our expert faculty is top-notch and has extensive experience in their field of expertise, and hence makes us one of the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT because they've been in the teaching field for a long time, they're very familiar with the syllabus and types of questions as well as their difficulty level, having guided and taught many students, the majority of whom were accepted into top universities. So you can feel sure that we're not just the Best CLAT Coaching Center because of our title, but because of our track record.

CLAT Coaching In Delhi: Give Your CLAT Preparation An Edge With ClearExam

CLAT is known as one of the most rigorous entrance exams, therefore choosing one of the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT for your law entrance preparation is critical to getting into your preferred school.

As a result, while making a decision, avoid being persuaded or following others blindly, and instead of gambling away your bright future, go with one of the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT that is credible, has a professional team of instructors, strong resources & study material, and helps students develop a problem-solving approach For candidates to get a better grasp of the issue, an institute that provides good assistance at every step and in-depth knowledge of each subject in easier methods would be beneficial.

While we are on the topic of selecting the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT, the Best CLAT Coaching Center for your entrance preparation is right here, and you don't have to go anywhere else to find it. You'll be prepared for the CLAT Entrance Exam with the help of ClearExam's CLAT Coaching In Delhi. In the previous few years, ClearExam has emerged as the market leader for CLAT Coaching in Delhi.

In the past few years, we've been able to demonstrate our expertise by delivering good and consistent outcomes. In the beginning, it was just a little idea of a dedicated instructor and coach, but now it is a well-known brand among law students (Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Preet Vihar, Delhi). Many of our students are accepted into top NLUs and other prestigious institutions every year.

Over 77,000 students take the CLAT every year alone, ignoring other Law entrance tests. Because NLUs only provide roughly 2622 spots, if you want to get into one of the top schools, you'll have to be better than your peers. ClearExam's CLAT Coaching in Delhi can help you attain your goal.

There has been a lot of pressure on aspirants, and the Edtech Industry has benefited from the new business opportunities created by the intense rivalry and reputation of being one of the most difficult admissions. To begin their CLAT preparation, law students must make a crucial decision: which CLAT coaching will be the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT Preparation.

CleaExam's CLAT Preparation Program leaves no stone untouched, from employing expert professors who have helped hundreds of students gain admission to top NLU and other top law schools, to providing comprehensive study materials that are up-to-date with the latest exam pattern and difficulty level. This includes recorded video lectures, regular doubt clearing sessions, webinars on themes such as how to create a career in law, preparing for the CLAT exam, and much more.

Because we recognize that each student has a varied skillset and level of knowledge, and may possess a different grasping power, ClearExam's CLAT Coaching in Delhi gives each aspirant particular attention and care.

As far as the study plan is concerned, the aspirants need to chart out a study plan and follow it religiously throughout their preparation journey. Best CLAT coaching Institutes provide a detailed study plan to their students keeping in mind the number of times aspirants have to prepare the whole syllabus along with giving adequate time to solving mock tests and revising the whole syllabus.

We at ClearExam provide students with realistic study plans along with guidance and mentorship from the best Law Faculty and try to establish ourselves as the Best law entrance coaching institute for CLAT.

Therefore, if you're looking for the best CLAT Coaching Center in Delhi, enroll now with ClearExam's CLAT Coaching in Delhi instead of wasting precious time seeking the best CLAT Coaching Center.

Why Should You Get Enrolled In A CLAT Coaching?

CLAT is also known as Common Law Admission Test is a national level entrance exam conducted by the Consortium of National Law Universities for admission in 22 National Law Universities for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Law Programmes. It is the most prestigious exam for students aspiring to study law from the best universities across the country.

CLAT is regarded as one of the most difficult exams to pass in the world. As a result, students must locate the best CLAT coaching center. Those studying for the CLAT exam should only enroll in the best CLAT coaching institute, where they may get the professional guidance and practice they need to pass the CLAT exam. When it comes to choosing the Best Law Entrance Coaching Institute For CLAT, make an informed decision.

For this simple fact, we hold the title of being the best CLAT coaching institute in India. Many of our CLAT classroom training programs have a single goal in mind: to help students succeed. As a result, our coaching has improved significantly.

CLAT coaching is very important for the students who aspire to take admission in one of the NLUs. CLAT being one of the toughest exams requires preparation and guidance from the start and the first step that the aspirants can take towards their dream college is to choose the best CLAT coaching institute for themselves.

Among the many benefits of choosing the best CLAT coaching institute for the preparation some of them are listed below:

  • With CLAT Coaching, you'll have a timetable and class schedule, as well as scheduled examinations and surprise quizzes, which will help you prepare for the exam.

  • There's no slacking off or skipping a day of preparation. You'll have a regular schedule.

  • Maintaining self-discipline and self-restraint when studying on your own is quite difficult, thus online coaching comes in handy here.

  • No one can compete if you study alone, and admission tests are all about competition, so you must learn and compete with your peers in order to evaluate your performance and development. 

  • The desire to achieve better is also a natural instinct when learning alongside others. 

  • If you sign up for CLAT Online Coaching, for instance, you'll have access to study materials and e-books, as well as online mock tests and other materials like recorded video classes, an electronic newspaper, regular vocabs, and practice tests.

  • Similar to classroom coaching, but much more convenient because you can study from the comfort of your home.

  • Get your doubts cleared instantly, and attend revision classes, as well as receive important notes and study material that will help you prepare better for the entrance exam.

  • The institutes curriculum is designed by experts who are familiar with the entrance exam pattern and syllabus.

  • CLAT Coaching will provide you with Guided Preparation.

  • Best CLAT Coaching Center provides a structured preparation to the students along with the mentorship and direction of experts and teachers of the best law faculty of the institute. This not only helps candidates prepare for the exam but also builds their morale.

  • Many times NLUs, the committee responsible for designing the paper pattern surprises candidates by introducing questions that are not on the syllabus, but the best CLAT coaching center assists students in identifying their weak points and then completely preparing topics that are tough to understand all at once.


Why Join ClearExam’s CLAT Coaching in Delhi For Your CLAT Preparation?

When choosing CLAT Coaching In Delhi, how do you know which CLAT Coaching In Delhi is the best CLAT Prep? So, to make you believe that ClearExam CLAT Coaching in Preet Vihar is the best CLAT coaching center in Preet Vihar, we have compiled several points for you.

CLAT is the toughest exam for law aspirants and cracking it is a dream of many. Our CLAT coaching programs are prepared in a way to help law students take admissions in their dream NLUs. Over the years of grooming our students in the best way possible to crack any competitive exams, we have also improved our method of tutoring them and the course delivery methods.

We have evolved our course delivery method from conventional classroom coaching to online live CLAT programs in which students from any place can enroll and avail the facility of our best CLAT Coaching Center where the best faculty of the institution is available and also backed up by a series of online mock tests and sample test papers.

Our foremost priority is to push the aspirants and also work side by side with them throughout their preparation. We always try to guide students in the best way which will help them crack CLAT exams and turn their dreams into reality.

For the CLAT Entrance Test, you need to evaluate and reevaluate yourself, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a strategic plan to improve your weak areas and perfect your strong areas with the help of experts with prior experience in the same field in order to be successful on your Entrance Examination. What matters most is choosing the Best CLAT Coaching Institute for your preparation. And here are the reasons why you should choose us -

  • Disciplined Preparations: 

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn 

Discipline is another key to success. Best CLAT coaching institute teaches students the importance of discipline and makes them follow a daily routine by dedicating a fixed amount of time to the online/offline lectures of the coaching institutes and also managing some time for their self-study. This routine which the aspirants follow instills in them the sense and the need for discipline throughout their preparation journey and also helps them to learn time management skills.

  • Professorial Expertise:

No matter how well-prepared you are, you will still need the help of an expert professor. A Coaching's performance is mainly determined by its faculty, which is the foundation of every institute.

At ClearExam, the greatest coaching center, all of the faculty members are highly qualified in their specialties and have helped many students obtain admission to top NLUs and other elite law schools.

  • Self-Analysis:

Opting for CLAT coaching along with self-preparation is the best way to analyze the level of competition for the CLAT exam. Best CLAT coaching institutes provide an environment where the students can analyze themselves among the other CLAT aspirants and know their strong and weak points and work on them.

It provides an environment that will also boost the confidence of the aspirants as they start attempting the mock test and sample series tests provided by the CLAT coaching institutes.

  • Relevant Class Curriculum for CLAT Aspirants:

CLAT is recognized as one of the most active entrance exams in terms of exam format and syllabus. The updated CLAT Exam format now includes comprehension-based questions. Since there were no previous year papers or study materials to gain a sense of the kind of questions or their difficulty level, pupils were stressed.

It is because of this that ClearExam, as the Best CLAT Coaching Center, responded fast to the latest pattern and updated our study material in accordance with the altered pattern with the help of our professors.

  • Study Material/ Mock Test Series:

Aspirants enrolled in our CLAT coaching institute are provided with comprehensive study materials and sample papers that are meticulously curated to prepare the students with the best preparation. 

These study materials are specially designed by the latest CLAT syllabus uploaded on the official website. Additionally, ClearExam's CLAT Coaching in Delhi gives additional supplementary materials for Legal Reasoning and Comprehension-based Questions. To help with legal awareness and the current affairs portion, students are presented with well-researched and custom-made current affairs timelines every month.

As a result, all the mock tests are given by ClearExam, the leading Law Entrance Coaching Institute, are based on the New Exam Pattern that will be adopted in, which includes comprehension-based questions. Because of this, our faculty has created a series of tests where students can take full-length mock tests, subject-specific mock tests, and topic-specific mock tests so they can analyze their overall performance as well as their performance in certain topics.

To provide students a good understanding of the types of questions and their challenges, all of the mock test series/sample papers are constructed according to the paper pattern and the difficulty level of the real Exam.


ClearExam's CLAT Online Coaching Will Help You Prepare For CLAT Entrance Exam

As the decades are passing, we are witnessing many new innovative technologies and also many evolutions in pre-existing technologies. These technologies have made anything and everything accessible in no time. Students can study and read from anywhere and anytime as everything is now available online and it's handy.

Since CLAT is one of the toughest exams in the country it requires a lot of preparation from various sources and books, a lot of practice papers that can cost students a large sum of money, also they might need constant guidance from the teachers to prepare well for the exams. Conventional modes of coaching classes are not feasible and accessible for all the students.

Here comes the need for the CLAT online course which will help students learn from anywhere and anytime. CLAT online courses are the best way for the students to learn at their own pace, a study from all the online resources available to them, and get instant guidance from the teachers whenever required. 

We at clear exam provide both offline and online mode of coaching facility and also provide all the study materials and mock test series on the website so that preparation of the aspirants is not hindered.

CLAT online courses are the live interactions between the students and the teachers that can be attended from the comfort of our homes. These days every coaching institute is trying hard to provide the best facility to the students so that the students can prepare from the comforts of their homes.

Perks that CLAT online courses offer to the students:

  • Study from the comfort of your home: Best CLAT coaching institute makes every resource available online for the students so that they can study from the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. 

  • Instant doubt clearing: CLAT online courses help students clear their doubts instantly by the expert teaching faculty available online almost instantly.

  • Online mock tests and analysis: Best CLAT coaching center for CLAT leaves no stone unturned as they prepare their students for every challenge by conducting no online mock tests and also help students do the analysis of their preparations.

  • Easy-to-access E-books and Study Materials: CLAT Online Coaching students at ClearExam have access to e-books and virtual study materials via their mobile phones. Everything from subject books to practice books is available online. Students can access their course books, take Mock Tests, and do a variety of other things online when they use ClearExam's CLAT Online Coaching.

  • E-newspaper, Daily Vocabulary, Current Affairs Monthly Timeline: CLAT Online Coaching by ClearExam provides its students with a daily e-newspaper, daily vocabulary, and a monthly current affairs timeline in pdf format, which they can easily download and access at any time and from any location.

  • Flexible schedules: Best CLAT coaching classes ensure that the students can take up the mock test and the online test at any time.

  • Recorded Lectures: All classes have recorded lectures available to students. For example, if you are unable to attend a session due to an emergency or illness. CLAT Online Coaching by ClearExam has been designed so that you can always review the recording at your leisure, regardless of the time of day. Whether it's for revision or to answer any unanswered questions.


Points To Remember While Choosing Any Coaching Institute For CLAT

Students who start the preparation for the CLAT examination often find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the Best CLAT coaching Institute for them. As the competition among aspirants is increasing day by day, so is increasing among the coaching institutes.

The answer to the question of determining the best CLAT coaching center is simply impossible because it doesn’t exist. The sentiments towards the foremost preferred/loved coaching center depend on an individual’s experience. A coaching center may provide absolutely the best learning method to the aspirants, but due to the lack of diligence of the aspirants, success may fly out the window.

And, this might impact the aspirants to possess disputed feelings towards the coaching institute. Hence, it is better to choose the best coaching institute for you depending on some of the scaling factors. Here are some pointers that you must keep in your mind and evaluate before landing in any coaching institute.

CLAT Past Results:

The first factor to evaluate should always be the success rate of the students of that particular coaching institution. It is the most important factor to evaluate, therefore if any coaching institute is having a consistent success story of students in the past then it is good to seek admission in this coaching institute.

However, it is also necessary to simultaneously make sure that the results and success rate are authentic and audited.

CLAT Faculty Members:

Along with the past results, it is also necessary to ensure that the coaching institute is having the best faculty to teach and guide the aspirants. Since the quality of faculty is a very important part of the preparation therefore it is very important to have faculty that has a lot of experience in the respective field so that they can guide the aspirants on the right path.

CLAT Coaching: Mode of Study

After choosing the best CLAT coaching center students often find themselves in another decision-making situation of whether to choose an offline or online mode of study. Best CLAT coaching institutes provide both the modes of study to the aspirants so that no aspirant is left untouched and can avail the facilities provided to them and make the best use of it.

Often the students who live nearby adopt the offline mode of coaching, but it is not feasible for some other groups of students who can’t come to avail the classroom experience. For them, the best CLAT coaching institute provides every resource and study material online and also conducts various online mock test series so that aspirants can analyze themselves from their homes.

CLAT Coaching Fees:

Coaching center fees nowadays keep hiking to unimaginable prices which are not affordable for everyone. Therefore fees are the next important pointer to keep in mind while choosing the best coaching institute for your preparation.

Although online modes of coaching are more economically friendly as they are less expensive, this reason should not compromise the needs of students.

Comfortable Surrounding:

It is very important to have a comfortable environment in the coaching institute as you will be investing your time, money, and health into it. It should have an environment for collective progress and learning rather than going all competitive.

You should opt for the program that you are comfortable with. If necessary you can also take demo classes first before enrolling in any coaching institute.


Some Important Tips For Law Entrance Preparation

Make A Study Strategy That Works

The most effective CLAT preparation coaching Institutions will try their best to guide you, but if you want to pass CLAT, you must create an effective study strategy for yourself. Because preparation is the key to success, you must plan your study schedules so that you can finish the syllabus with every topic clear in your mind before the exams.

Of course, you must create workable and sensible timetables. Set some weekly calendars, plan for the subjects you want to finish that week, and allocate your time accordingly. Focus more on chapters that have a higher weightage in terms of marks and study them on a regular basis. Maintain your attention, and you'll be able to finish your course on time.

Solve Previous Year's Papers

Solving previous year's question papers is the simplest way to plan your preparations. It will help you choose which areas you need to focus on more and will also assist you in improving your time management skills. Students are given previous year’s question papers by the best CLAT coaching center so that they are familiar with the test format as well as the types of questions that are usually asked in the examinations.

Attend Every Section

Never concentrate solely on one or two segments. It is also critical to pay attention to all areas of the exam if you want to pass it.

Concentrate On Vocabulary And Grammar

Learn new words and their definitions. Extensive reading will aid in the development of your vocabulary. Practice grammar in your spare time to ensure that your sentence arrangement and structure are correct.

Discussions In Groups

Group conversations can help you learn more. You can discuss different issues with your other friends who are also studying for the CLAT, or you can discuss current events. The best CLAT coaching center also offers online group discussions with professionals and teachers, in which applicants can participate and expand their knowledge. This will assist everyone taking part in the GD to learn something new that they may not have known before.

About CLAT Entrance Exam

CLAT, also known as the Common Law Admission Test, is a national level entrance exam administered by the Consortium of National Law Universities for admission to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Law Programs at 22 National Law Universities. It is the most prestigious exam for those seeking to study law at the country's top colleges. It is one of the most difficult exams, and passing it is a difficult task.

Students aiming to crack CLAT will have to prepare the entire syllabus with great attention and hard work, but they will not be able to prepare for the CLAT exam solely by self-study. They will require constant direction and support from tutors who can guide and prepare them according to the exam syllabus.

This is where the top legal entrance coaching institute for CLAT comes in. ClearExam provides students with the best teaching faculty both offline and online, preparing them to ace their exams and gain admission to their ideal college.


CLAT Important Dates

In India, there are 23 National Law Universities, 22 of which accept students through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). CLAT will be formally notified in December. CLAT online registration will begin in January. The announcement for CLAT will be made on the official website.

To help you manage your CLAT preparation, look at the CLAT preliminary timetable. The following are the CLAT Important Dates:


Tentative Dates

CLAT Notification Release Date


CLAT Registration Start Date


Last Day For CLAT Registration


CLAT Admit Card Release Date


CLAT Exam Date (Offline)


CLAT Official Answer Key Release Date


CLAT Result Declaration (Issue Of Merit List)


CLAT Counseling Start Date


CLAT Admission Process End Date



CLAT Eligibility Criteria

Candidates seeking admission to LLB programs must meet distinct qualifying requirements. The Consortium of NLUs establishes the CLAT Eligibility Criteria. Candidates who intend to take the CLAT must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for admission.

Candidates for UG law must have completed Class 12th, while those for CLAT must have graduated with an LLB, according to the CLAT Eligibility Criteria (3-year LLB or 5-year LLB).

Candidates can read the entire article to learn more about CLAT Eligibility Criteria, minimum qualifying marks, number of attempts, and other important facts to determine if they are eligible to fill out the CLAT Application Form.

Eligibility Criteria For CLAT: Undergraduate Law Programs

Age Limit

According to Bar Council regulations, there is no upper age limit for appearing in CLAT .

Academic Criteria

The candidate must have passed the 10+2 or an equivalent test.

For Appearing Candidates

Applicants who have their qualifying exam due in April/May are also qualified to sit for the CLAT Entrance test.

Marks in Qualifying Exam

Candidates in the general category must score at least 45 percent on the qualifying exam. Candidates in the SC and ST categories must get at least 40% in the qualifying exam.

Eligibility Criteria For CLAT : Post-Graduate Law Programs

Age Limit

There is no upper age limit for taking CLAT in order to pursue post-graduate degrees such as CLAT .

Academic Criteria

A graduate degree in law (3-year LLB or 5-year LLB) or an equivalent degree is required.

For Appearing Candidates

Candidates who take the qualifying test in March/April will be eligible to take the CLAT exam as well. They will, however, be asked to show a printed version of their enrollment confirmation at the time of registration.

Marks in the Qualifying Exam

Candidates for the CLAT must score at least 55% on the qualifying exam. SC/ST candidates must get at least 45 percent in the qualifying examination.


The aspirants must be aware of the syllabus before they start any preparation for law entrance exams and must also ensure that their respective coaching institutes follow the CLAT syllabus which will be released on the official website of NLU’s Consortium https://consortiumofnlus.ac.in.

The aspirants start the CLAT exam preparation covering the topics like GK & current affairs, English, legal aptitude, and logical reasoning. And for UG topics such as Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Law of Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, and others are included in the syllabus.

The best CLAT coaching institute ensures that the candidates make note of the following topics which will be covered in the CLAT Exam for the preparation of the law admission test.

The best CLAT coaching center ensures that aspirants have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus along with the type of questions asked from each section. Below are some of the details of the syllabus for UG courses:

English -This part will include problems based on 450-word comprehension texts. Applicants will be graded on their comprehension of the passage and its major idea, as well as the wordings they utilise. Candidates must read the passage, comprehend it, and summarise it in simple words. The comprehension sections will be followed by a series of questions that will help you understand the content. To examine an individual's grasp of grammar and vocabulary, word phrase and meaning, and so on, the candidate will be required to comprehend the meaning of numerous words and phrases.

Quantitative Techniques-In this section, the questions will be asked from elementary Maths and the objective is to assess the candidate's basic ability to derive numerical information from passages, graphs, or other representations, As per the latest updating in the pattern, the Quantitative techniques section will firmly be based on the class 10th level including questions from ratios and proportions, basic algebra, mensuration, and statistical estimation.

General knowledge & Current affairs-Questions in General knowledge and current affairs will also be in the form of a comprehension passage of 450 words each. Here candidates will be asked about the contemporary events of significance from India as well as from the world, arts and culture, international affairs, and historical events of ongoing significance.

Logical Reasoning- In this section, candidates will be given passages of around 300 words each and each passage will have questions like analyzing patterns of reasoning, drawing conclusions based on evidence given, identify conflicts and similarities, and assess the value of arguments.

Legal Aptitude-This section will contain comprehension-based questions of 450 words each. The passages will comprise topics from legal matters, public policy questions, or moral philosophical inquiries. The section will contain prepositions and facts-based problems.


CLAT Exam Pattern

The best CLAT coaching institute makes sure that aspirants understand that the CLAT exam is a test of aptitude and reasoning skills. It is divided into five sections: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Legal Aptitude. Best CLAT coaching center ensures that students are aware of the weightage of each section in the question paper and prepares aspirants accordingly.

Before we begin, let us become acquainted with the CLAT Exam Pattern. There have been no changes to the CLAT UG Exam Pattern since . As a result, if you are not aware of the updated syllabus, go ahead and review it to understand the number of questions asked the marking scheme and the weightage.


Marks Allotted

English (with Comprehension)


Current Affairs


Legal Reasoning


Logical Reasoning 


Quantitative Techniques


  • Each question will be worth one mark if the correct answer is given.

  • For each incorrect response, a 0.25 penalty will be applied.

  • The test will consist of 150 multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

  • The CLAT exam will last two hours.

  • CLAT focuses on the ability to study law rather than prior knowledge in UG.

  • Due to COVID-19 constraints, the CLAT Exam Pattern has been altered for the year .


Once you've decided to pursue Law and have decided to hitch one of the Best CLAT Coaching Center, you ought to research and shortlist your target colleges by understanding the opportunities that they supply. However, it is observed that most of the aspirants do not have any knowledge of the list of colleges in which they can enroll once they clear the CLAT Exam.

This leaves students unsure about what exactly they're targeting and the way how much effort they have to put in, to enroll in their dream college. Knowing the Syllabus and enrolling into the best law entrance coaching institute for CLAT isn’t enough if you don’t have that glare in your eyes for the college you have been always dreaming of.

Here is the list of colleges participating in CLAT:


CLAT Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I prepare for the CLAT?

 Following are the tips for the aspirants for CLAT exam preparation 

Ø Make a study chart

Ø Practice mock tests to reduce the time of solving question papers.

Ø Keep doing the revisions regularly for good preparation.

Ø Participate in Group discussions.

Ø Make an extra effort for weaker areas.

Ø Stay positive and stay healthy.

2. Can a candidate prepare for the CLAT with the help of CLAT online course coaching?

The best CLAT online coaching helps the aspirants to prepare even better than the conventional mode of classrooms. The candidates can participate in the live/ recorded lectures, avail e-books, and practice mock tests which will eventually prepare them to crack CLAT entrance exams.

3. What to do if someone misses the live lecture?

Even if someone misses the live lecture they can always access whenever they get back as it will be recorded. They can watch it whenever they have time. It is one of the salient features of availing the CLAT online courses. They can stay tuned into the Telegrams channels or groups to get more updates.

4. Is there any technical aspect to be covered by the aspirants to enroll in the CLAT online course?

All candidates require an electronic gadget (laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet) with a good internet connection for gaining access to the CLAT online course.

5.Is there any difference between the CLAT classroom and CLAT online coaching?

There is not much difference between the CLAT conventional and CLAT online classroom. But there will be a full- time presence of faculty members and experts to solve the doubts of the students attending the CLAT online course. CLAT online course is cost-effective as it is free of traveling costs and chances of availing the scholarships are also great. As a result, CLAT online coaching is recommended more than the conventional model.

6. Is there any age limit for the candidates to give the CLAT Exam?

No, there is no age limit for the candidates to appear in the CLAT Exam.

7. What is the minimum percentage mark required in the qualifying examination for the general category students to take admission in the undergraduate program?

Students who wish to take admission in undergraduate programs are required to have minimum percentage marks of 45% or above in the qualifying examination(10+2).


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ClearExam: Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi | Best CLAT Coaching Center | CLAT Online Coaching
ClearExam: Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi | Best CLAT Coaching Center | CLAT Online Coaching
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