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This article will talk about some scholarships which are awarded to students of national law schools.
The first 16 scholarships are for NLSIU alone. Let us take a look.
The first among these scholarships  is Velakacherla Narasa Reddy Rural India Merit Scholarship.This is awarded to fourth year students for two years and is subject to satisfactory performance by the student. The amount comes from the interest earned on 1,00,000 donated by Shri VR Reddy who was the then additional solicitor general of India.
The second scholarship is of the value of 500 per month and is awarded to two or more students from Andhra Pradesh who are studying in NLSIU. The amount comes from the interest earned on an endowment of Rs 1 lakh paid by Rani Shankaramma Memorial trust Hyderabad.
The third scholarship is called Mrs. and Mr. Mariappa Gowda and Mrs. and Mr. B Narayan scholarship and is adjusted against the boarding and lodging expenditure of the highly meritorious student of NLSIU. The amount comes from interest earned on endowment of Rs 1 lakh
The fourth scholarship is called Late Justice B Vasudevamurthy scholarship and is awarded to those students who are meritorious but cannot join the college if not for this amount. This amount comes from interest earned on endowment of Rs 10 lakh
The fifth scholarship is called the Hemant Narichania Scholarship and is for economically and socially backward strata of the society. This scholarship is for second and third year students. The amount comes from interest earned on endowment of Rs 1 lakh
The sixth scholarship is for highly deserving students of NLSIU and is called the Bodh Raj Sawhney scholarship. The amount comes from interest earned on endowment of Rs 1 lakh
The seventh scholarship is called the Lalit Bhasin scholarship and is for highly deserving students of NLSIU. The amount comes from interest earned on amount of Rs 1,50,000.
The eight scholarship is called Dr K Manorama scholarship and the money comes from interest earned on Rs 60,000.
The ninth scholarship is called Sam Byramji Nariman Scholarship which goes to a highly deserving student and is paid through interest earned on endowment of Rs. 1 lakh.
The tenth scholarship is called MS Sathyanarayana Rao Scholarship which again goes to a highly deserving student and the money comes from interest earned on endowment of Rs 6,250.
The eleventh scholarship is for a girl student who belongs to the economically backward strata of the society and is paid out of the interest earned on the endowment of Rs 50,000. The scholarship is called Shivaraya Mallar and Yamunabai scholarship.
Next and twelfth scholarship is for a highly deserving student nominated by the scholarship committee and is paid out of interest earned on Rs 20,000.
The thirteenth scholarship is paid out of interest earned on a corpus fund created by NLSIU batches of 1999,2002 and 2006 and is awarded to a student nominated by the scholarship committee based on merit.
The fourteenth scholarship is called the Aditya Birla scholarship. Those who scored 20th rank in CLAT or better are eligible for this scholarship in their first year. It covers the entire fee for five years as well as hostel charges and continues for the whole duration of the course.
The fifteenth scholarship is called the central govt. scholarship and is awarded by the ministry of social justice and empowerment and ministry of tribal affairs and covers five SC and five ST students who are studying at NLSIU. The whole expenditure of five years including only the following expenses such as fee, boarding and lodging, books and stationery and cost of a computer. The deciding factors are the rank of the student in CLAT and level of family income.
Last and sixteenth scholarship is the state govt. scholarships which are awarded to SC and ST students and the deciding factors are annual family income and academic excellence.
GNLU, Gandhinagar
Next let us look at the scholarships for GNLU, Gandhinagar
The first among these scholarships is under the scholarship scheme for top class education of SC students.
Students who come from families where the total annual family income is maximum of 4.5 lakh are covered. The eligible students have to register and apply online on NeSP portal
The second scholarship is for students who are domiciles of the NE region and these students should have done their +2 education from a school within the NE region. The students are eligible if the total family income is not more than 4.5 lakh p.a.
The application should be made in the given format and only online applications will be entertained. Time limit of application is within two months from date of publication. One needs to apply through the website www. ugc.ac.in

One needs to submit following documents in order to be eligible
  1. ·        Joining Proforma (annexure 1)
  2. ·         Certificate of income given by a competent authority
  3. ·         Certificate of domicile by competent authority
  4. ·        and an affidavit that no other scholarship has been availed of on affidavit of Rs 50        and stamp paper from the student or the parents duly attested by a judicial                    magistrate first class   or gazetted officer not below the rank of Tehsildar. 
The  third scholarship is for participants of international and national workshops and conferences. There are certain criteria for instance the student should have a minimum of 90% attendance and 4 on 5 GPA. Participation is counted only if the event was organized by a research or academic institution. The application has to be made in a given format to the IPSD and if required then there may be a personal interview. The decision of the director would be final.
The student who is winning the scholarship for the first time would be given preference over others. Research events are given more preference than oral or poster presentations. The total amount would not exceed 25,000 and this would go towards boarding and lodging.
The application should be made at least 30 days before the event. The abstract of the paper should be 700 words including the footnotes.
The fourth scholarship is for students who are research associates. The attendance and marks requirements are same as mentioned in the previous scholarship.
Two students from each batch are eligible. The amount waived depends on performance. The amount could be fully waived off, reduced or proportionately reduced and the committee's discretion would work. The whole amount would go towards tuition fee waiver.
The application should be made before July 20 of the concerned year
Fifth and next scholarship is also for research associate. The academic requirement remains the same as the third and fourth scholarship. The research work should have lasted for a min of 3 months.  Five students benefit from this each year.
Sixth and next scholarship is for the student exchange program. The attendance and marks requirement remain same for the third, fourth and fifth scholarships. The student should have no exam or test pending.
The personal interview can be made a requirement if deemed fit by authorities. Maximum of 5 students from each batch will avail this benefit. The money will go towards travel where minimum fare would be given and 50% of boarding and lodging would be compensated. Maximum amount compensated would be 1 lakh rupees.
Seventh and last scholarships goes for students who are going for international internships. The academic and attendance requirement are same as for the third scholarship of GNLU.
Only internships with the following institutes would be counted
  • ·         WTO
  • ·         UN
  • ·         Inter governmental organizations
  • ·         Indian embassies in the world
  • ·        and other organizations which aid the multilateral legal and diplomatic missions across the    world.

This covers scholarships in GNLU.
Now let us look at NALSAR scholarships. In order to avail this benefit one has to fill and attach the application form along with an income tax return for the previous financial year stating the annual income of the family.
The amount shall be adjusted against the fee and if one has already paid the full fee then the scholarship amount would be returned to the parents in their account. There are 3 categories in the same which are fee concession, loan and scholarship. The proportion in which it is divided is 45%, 30%,and 25%. To avail the benefit of the fee concession one should have scored a min of 60%marks  in +2 and a CGPA of 4 for all other students. The same is made available on the basis of means cum merit. The annual income of the family  should be not more than  3.5 lakh p.a. to avail this benefit. Means are 75% important and merit is given 25% weightage.
The maximum total amount should be 100% of the fee and shall not be less than 40% of the amount of the fee.
Scholarship would be granted to students where the family income is not more than 4.5 lakh p.a.  The scholarship would be a maximum of 50% of the fee and a min of 30%.
NLU, Jodhpur
Turn for NLU Jodhpur scholarships. The college encourages one to go for summer courses in International academy of arbitration law, Paris and the same institute provides a scholarship to the selected NLU students which covers the entire tuition fee and accommodation in Paris.
Then the college is also eligible for Aditya Birla scholarship program and the amount one can receive here comes to 1,80,000 p.a. and that is not it because the same students also gets to interact with the people at the large conglomerate. Plus, there are Wipro Earthian Research paper competition. The maximum amount that the students can win here totals Rs. 1.5 lakh
Besides these there is also Microsoft IPR scholarship, and one student gets to be the Inlakhs scholar in University of California, Berkeley school of law in San Francisco. Then there is the Erasmus mundus scholarship, and Angela Merkel Jawahar Lal Nehru DAAD scholarship at University of Saarland, Germany. Finally, there is also the Hans Wildorf scholship at MIDS, Geneva.
NUJS, Kolkata
There is the Rhodes scholarship for which students of NUJS are eligible. This scholarship gives one the means to enroll for a post graduation course of their choice in the esteemed Oxford University.
Plus, there is the Aditya Birla scholarship which the students at NUJS are eligible for. The total amount of this scholarship is 1,80,000 p.a. or the total amount of the fee (whichever is lesser).
The criteria for this internship is the admission ranks in the entrance exam. There are certain other requirements such as the student should be among the top 25% of the batch, should have a 7 on 9 rating in at least 60% projects.
These are all the scholarships which one can avail in their 5 year law course. The purpose of this list is to help create awareness about scholarships since many meritorious students fulfill the criteria but are not aware of these scholarships so I hope that you find this helpful

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ClearExam: Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi | Best CLAT Coaching Center | CLAT Online Coaching: Some scholarships for National law school students
Some scholarships for National law school students
This article will talk about Clat scholarships, Law Scholarship , which are awarded to students of national law schools. NLSIU.
ClearExam: Best CLAT Coaching in Delhi | Best CLAT Coaching Center | CLAT Online Coaching
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