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Question: I have 83 percentile in MH CET and 80% in boards can i get admission in RCOEM?

Answer: Computer Science: 98.9115242 IT: 97.8038571 EE: 94.5326362 ECE: 96.3659538 EDT: 88.7176553 Civil: 94.7426548 Industrial Engineering: 82.1632641 Electronics Engineering: 90.6994344 Mechanical: 96.731675

Question: Now that the MH CET combined score card with sr. no is out, what is the next step in the process of admission specially for people outside Maharashtra?

Answer: After the statement comes about, the MAH CET 2021 MBA guiding handle will start in numerous colleges. Candidates will be chosen for confirmation to the individual administration colleges on the premise of the justify list. Candidates must book their seats in understanding with their needed colleges. can i get admission for Computer Science in this college on the basis of MHT CET Please mention the name of the college about which you need information. Thank you

Question: can i get best college at 45% mht cet

Answer: Dear, You have scored a really low percentile in MH CET. With the percentile you have got scored in MHT CET and seeing the past year cutoff you might get the colleges recorded underneath. But the cutoff changes each year and depends on different variables like the number of understudies showing up and qualifying the exam etc. - Ramrao Adik Rao college DY Patil college

Question: hello. i got 86% in 12 cbse board exams and 96 percentile in mhtcet.can i get admission in MPKV,Rahuri.and if yes.how to apply.what is the procedure?

Answer: MPKV Rahuri Affirmation 2021 for UG Program is on the premise of candidate justification in final qualifying exam. A common entrance test (CET) is conducted for affirmation to M. Tech. A substantial score of the National Qualification Test (NET) is required for Ph.

Question: I got 40 percentile in mhtcet and I am from sc category so what will be my rank?

Answer: Your rank would be approximately 59000, for the 40 percentile you got in MH CET.

Question: I received a 72 percentile on the mht cet and want to pursue computer engineering. What college would be best for me as a ews candidate?

Answer: With a 72 percentile, the best colleges you could choose from are: VPM college, Sasmira college, Atharva college, D Y Patel college.

Question: I did not choose EWS in Mht CET before the exam. Is it possible for me to choose it now in CAP? Is it possible to register for counselling?

Answer: Hello, unfortunately there is no correction form that could help you to correct the mistake. The only way would be to cancel your application and re-applying. And, counselling is an essential part to take admission in MH CET. The counselling is conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell. So, it is feasible to register for counselling.

Question: Can I get a government job if my mhcet score is 9067?

Answer: A score of 9067 gives out the percentile to be around 90-99. It is a very good percentile and you can get into a good college. This helps you in getting a good government job.

Question: I got 83.22 percentile in mht cet 2021. Can I get cs in any college of Mumbai or Pune?

Answer: 83.22 is a very impressive percentile and your rank would be around 23000-25000. Hence giving you the options of the colleges in Mumbai and Pune. Some of them are: KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai Dr Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune MIT College of Engineering, Pune Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune JSPM’s Bhagwant Institute of Technology, Barshi

Question: Where should I register for engineering college admission after receiving the MHT CET result in 2021?

Answer: Hi, after receiving the MHT CET result you would have to wait to register for college admission. The dates are not announced yet but soon would be.

Question: I got 68.46 percentile in mh cet 2020,can I get chemical engineer branch?

Answer: With a 68.46 percentile, your rank would be between 41,001-47,000. And, for the chemical engineering branch the 2021 cut-off is 86527. So, it’ll be a little difficult to get into the chemical engineering branch.

Question: Can I earn a cse in coep if my mht cet percentile is 99.4935427 and I am an obc male candidate?

Answer: Hi, this is a rather impressive percentile. But, you just missed the mark for CSE in COEP.

Question: In the MHT CET 2021, my son received a score of 93.069756 percentile. which engineering college in Pune is most likely to accept him.

Answer: Hello, your son has a very good percentile. And can get into good colleges situated in Pune. some of those college could be: College of Engineering,Pune AIT MIT WPU VIT Pune

Question: Can I get admission in any bams college of Maharashtra my mhcet score is 89 percentile?

Answer: Absolutely, you can get a college in Maharashtra with this good of a percentile. Some colleges you can look for are: Hi- Tech Institute of Technology, Aurangabad SIES Graduate School of Technology, Mumbai VIT, Pune

Question: Which government or semi-government college will I attend in the CS branch if I obtained 47.58 percentile in the mhtcet?

Answer: With a 47.58 percentile, you could look for colleges like, College of Engineering, Pune, Bharati Vidhyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune.

Question: I secured 93 percentile in mhtcet in obc category , can i get mechanical engineering in Walchand college of engineering Sangli?

Answer: Congratulations on the percentile. But, seeing the cut-off of Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, you would not get admission there. This is according to the cut-off of 2020.

Question: I scored a 90% in the mht cet test and I'm in the sc category. Can I go into vjti or KJ Somaiya college through the IT branch?

Answer: The answer to your question would be a simple yes. You can easily get into KJ Somaiya college through IT Branch.

Question: When will the admission process of engineering colleges start according to mht cet??

Answer: Hi aspirant, No particular dates have been finalised until now for the start of admission processes in 2021. They will be notified soon and you can keep an eye on that.

Question: How many mhcet ie. pcb. marks are required to be admitted to jondhale or chandibai college for b pharm degree?

Answer: You have to get a percentile around 52.26 according to the 2020 trends and cut-off by marks.

Question: I got 11.50 percentile in 1 day 1 shift. What is my score in mht cet 2021?

Answer: Hi, your rank would be around 73,001-81000 according to your 11.50 percentile. And thsi is from the MH CET 2020 result.

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